How to Pack and Label Like a Pro

Packing and labeling may sound like common terms when moving, but when done incorrectly can make the difference between a good move and bad.

Prior to packing, making a plan is the key to any successful move. Planning is an important part of the process and it’s important to take all things into consideration for you and your family and even when you move with pets. Making sure that you have all moving supplies at your fingertips.

    Packing tape and Tape Gun
    Labels (Color for coding different rooms)
    Packing paper (dishes and fragile)
    Knife or scissors (cut the tape, paper)

Designate an area where you will be storing packed items. Plan to pack heavy items first so that they can be the base of where you are storing your packed items, ie: Heavy boxes on the bottom. Pack items not used regularly first.

Label boxes well (sometimes even with one item inside to jog your memory of the contents). Always finish packing the box, leaving an open, unfinished box in the middle of a room only creates clutter and leaves you feeling unfinished.

Always have calm music on when packing. If the atmosphere is relaxed, so will be your packing experience.

When you are feeling overwhelmed and rushed during packing, take a break. If you don’t take a break, your items will take one for you during the move due to haste. Take your time, plan accordingly and be sure you know what to do before you plan on moving.

Set a limit for yourself each day with a set amount of boxes you would like packed, and stick to it.

Being organized is the key to any good move.

If you don’t have time for packing, we offer packing and unpacking services so contact us for a free quote, and remove yourself from the equation.

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