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  • We provide free residential and office moving quote forms right here on-site for you to hire us for your Edmonton moving services.
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  • We remove the stress, providing reliable add-on services such as packing and unpacking, moving supplies, and furniture assembly in the Edmonton and Capital region.
  • We offer full-service moving to make sure your Edmonton move goes smoothly from start to finish.
  • Seniors are our favorite people, ask about your seniors’ discount moving rates!

Edmonton is such a fun place to live, from spending the day at West Edmonton mall or checking out the shopping at Old Strathcona antiques or Farmer's Market.  And capping off the day with the always exciting battle of Alberta between the Oilers and Flames of course.  But if your moving from your modest home to the little mansion on the hill there is that thing, the MOVE!  The packing, the boxes, the breakables, the rental truck that was reserved a month ago, the movers that didn't show up, since you're waiting for the movers you missed the utility company appointment for your hookups.  It goes on and on like a big ugly snowball in rush hour on the Whitemud.  Let Alberta Strong Movers alleviate that moving stress-you-don't-need.

As your moving day approaches use our stress-relieving moving solutions checklist as a courtesy to help smooth your transition.

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