Tips for Moving with Pets

Pets, and how they are affected by a move is something that is rarely considered during the stressful time.

Consider their well-being
Moving can be an extremely stressful time for anyone, let alone your pets. The constant changes taking place in the home with their favorite toys and blankets just disappearing all of sudden, their favorite spots on the couch now littered with boxes and bags, all this is just part of the moving process that us humans just don’t really look at.

It is imperative to consider pets and their emotional well being during a move. If neglected, you may be faced with behavioral issues that are caused by the trauma of a move as well as some potential hazards along the way.

Stay organized & create stability
When packing, whether you pay for a packing service or do it yourself, make sure to keep the pets daily items in the same place until the final day of the move. It may mean that you have a few extra things to pack on the day of the move, but it will ensure some stability for “Fido”.

Give them extra attention
It is also imperative to reassure “Molly” that everything is okay and to give her extra cuddles in order to make her feel secure. When moving, make sure to keep “ZigZag” close to you and hearing your voice.

Make a smooth transition
Once all the chaos has ended, movers and helpers have left and you can sit down and breathe, it is time to bring “Bingo” into his new environment.

Always place your pet’s special toys, familiar items in plain view so that your pet has something that is not new to them around. Use this time to reassure them they are not alone and you are with them. Introduce the litter or food and let them explore while keeping an eye on them. This will prevent them going into unfamiliar areas and marking their territory etc.

Spend time with them
Spending time with your pet is the most important step of all when moving. Often our furbabies just get tossed to the side due to all the business and chaos of a move and end up reacting negatively. Negative behaviors caused by stress can leave a permanent mark on your pet and on your new carpet. So, just make sure to make the move as positive for your pet as it is for you.

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