Need A Lift To Your New Home?

Let Alberta Strong Movers proudly help you start a new life

Residential Movers, We Move More Then Just Furniture.

No matter when, moving to a new home is a major life event. At Alberta Strong Movers we strive to make you feel at home before even unpacking a box.  We love to help people not only move furniture but also move their lives.

Every move matters, no matter how far it is.

Our moves are tailored to suit your moving needs.

If you are a senior on a fixed income, we offer a senior's discount on all our moves.

If you are a veteran wanting a relocation, we offer a discount for Canadian veterans.

If you require a mover and have a tight budget, we will get 'er done in true Alberta fashion.

Residential Movers in Grande Prairie AB
Local Movers in Grande Prairie AB

We want your next move to be stress free and happy.

We aren't called Alberta Strong Movers for no reason, our moves are very affordable, and do keep in mind, you are the boss, tell us what you need and we will deliver!

For the disabled and physically challenged, we can tailor your move to suit your needs.

If you are a do-it-yourself mover, consider us your number one moving company resource!

Your Local Moving Experts.

We've helped move people from all over whether it be in new homes, apartments, or even into local College dorms.  We pride ourselves on knowing what the people from Grande Prairie, Edmonton, Spruce Grove etc want - good work, honesty and movers who care.

Our customer service is a priority whether it's for residential or office moving so whether you're moving from somewhere outside of Grande Prairie or Edmonton, Alberta Strong Movers will provide the best way to get there.

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