Visiting Muskoseepi Park in Grande Prairie, Alberta

A park that stretches almost the entire city from north to south provides beautiful scenery,
walking trails and much much more. Learn more about it below!

Looking For A Break? Visit Muskoseepi Park

Spacious, clean and well cared for, Muskoseepi runs through the heart of the city of Grande Prairie and is home to event centers like Centennnial Park and the Ernie Radbourne Pavilion. While the entrance of the park is typically found at the intersection of 102nd Street and 102 Avenue the park itself has multiple access points situated across the entire city.

The word Muskoseepi is derived from the Cree word that means Bear Creek. It was only fitting as much of the park follows Bear Creek which runs throughout the entire city stretching from 132 Avenue all the way to the south side of the city and South Bear Creek Park. With over 1100 acres of parkland there are six distinct and different areas all providing their own unique opportunities.

The park was opened in 1986 after being created by the Heritage Trust Fund and was created to help preserve land as well as open up opportunities for the residents of Grande Prairie to enjoy outdoor activities.

Muskoseepi Park is open year round and provides different opportunities in both the summer and winter seasons. It is home to some special activities and events.

In the summer time you could find yourself doing

  • Fishing in the Pond next to the Ernie Radbourne Pavilion. Each May the pond is stocked with trout to provide a free fishing experience for anyone under the age of 16 or over 65. If you fall in between those categories you're required to have a fishing license.
  • Hike, Walk Run. The entire park is comprised of a large trail system that stretches from the start to end. Other activities you can use the trails for would be roller blading or biking.
  • Picnics. With ample space there is lots of opportunities for families to partake a beautiful out door picnic. With some of the longest days in Canada in the Summer time you may find yourself enjoying a picnic even at 11pm at night!
  • Frisbee Golf. Unique to the park is an ultimate frisbee course set throughout.

If winter is more your thing, you can:

  • Skate on the Pavilion Pond. While you may be able to fish in the summer time, in winter the pond is designated to provide a fun and safe skating experinece to the public at no extra cost. The rink is hockey free so no hockey games or equipment is permitted on the ice.
  • Snowshoeing. If you've never had the opportunity to try and snowshoe Muskoseepi provides snowshoe rentals for both children and adults.
    Tobogganing and sledding. Some great opportunities await on the steep hills surrounding the park. The Swanavon Thrill hill can at times provide and a fun and fast sledding experience.
  • Cross Country Skiing. While the Pavilion doesn't rent skiing equipment there are maps available to anyone looking to take in some cross country skiing.

Looking For Directions to Muskoseepi Park?

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