So You've Just Moved To Grande Prairie And Need Somewhere to Eat

Moving to a new city can never be easy, especially when you lose all your favourite watering holes to eat and enjoy some time with friends and family.  Listed below are some of our funnest places to visit for a bite.

It's never easy starting over after moving to a new city, especially Grande Prairie!

As one of the fastest growing cities in Alberta, Grande Prairie continues to see an influx of new people moving here each and every month.  Moving is never easy, losing friends, families and work relationships can be a tough strain on any individual or family but being in this city can help establish new friendships thanks to it's large and popular restaurant scene.

One of the first things most people look for after moving is finding a new favourite place visit for food. GP is full of them, here are some of the most popular ones we enjoy.

Earls Restaurant and Bar

Located at 9825 100 St, Earls isn't going to bring you a different variety of food thanks to it's large chain of restaurants across Canada...but it does offer an exceptional place to meet new people as it's easily one of the busiest restaurants in town on any given day or night.  Thanks in large part to it's recently renovated kitchen, lounge and spectacular patio it provides easily the best location in Grande Prairie to enjoy supper or drinks in the summer time.  Even in winter time thanks to it's heated patio it provides easily one of the best locations to visit friends and family.

The Office

Situated in the Pomery Hotel the Office is an elegant and more exquisite place to taste different dishes from chefs in the city.  The menu itself won't provide a lot of options it does provide excellent tastes and dishes from custom cooked meals that bring a lot of flavour.  The atmosphere, while quiet, is a nice place to relax and unwind after spending a day working or running errands within the city of Grande Prairie.

Padrino's Italian Ristorante

In our opinion Padrino's provides the best Italian food in the city of Grande Prairie.  Located at the Best Western on the bypass you'll be hard pressed to find better Italian food and you'll be leaving with a full belly of food!  Our favourite dish, the lobster ravioli but be on the lookout for different specials throughout the months.  If you're looking for a good choice to enjoy a romantic evening (or perhaps just a good meal) this upscale restaurant is a no brainer to bring your wife or date to get in her good books.

SOTO Teppanyaki and Fusion Sushi

Soto is home to Grande Prairie's best sushi!  There are some other enjoyable establishments with good food in the GP area but the atmosphere within Soto is just plain old fun as you'll be enjoying either a table to yourself or can take part in the Teppanyaki grill!  A great place to bring the family or enjoy a night out with a large group of friends Soto provides a relaxed atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

Grand Banks Seafood Market and Bistro

Wrapping up this list is our favourite choice to find Seafood in Grande Prairie. With a few options covering the city we've found the seafood at Grand Banks to be our top choice to not only enjoy sitting down for dinner but also bring home and cook for a fresh meal.  Chefs prepare different meals throughout the year but you can continue to enjoy your favourites throughout!  If you enjoy fresh mussels, oysters and more then visit Grand Banks today!

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