Happy Holidays Red Deer!

Happy holidays to the find folks of Red Deer, though of course in December it’s Rein Deer!  Alberta Strong Movers wishes you the best to you and your loved ones for the Christmas season!  When you are ready to plan your move this spring and summer, call a professional moving company, Alberta Strong Movers will…

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Happy Holidays Edmonton!

Hello to you wonderful Edmonton folks!  If you are looking for a luxury Edmonton move, you have found the right place.  Our experienced crews can get you packed, moved and even unpacked to relieve your busy schedule.  All our trucks come equipped with furniture pads, toolboxes to disassemble and reassemble your beds and furnishings, skids…

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Happy Holidays Grande Prairie!

Grande Prairie, if you are moving this winter, give those eight reindeer a break and use Alberta Strong Movers for your move instead!  Reindeer do not pull our moving sleds we promise!  Even our smallest truck won’t fit under your Christmas tree, but we can issue a credit voucher if you want us to play…

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Moving Boxes Ready For Long Move From grande Prairie

Tips To Prepare For A Long Move To Another Country

Moving to another country for better jobs or careers can be welcome, it certainly is very stressful. The best way to know more about the stresses and travails would be to find more about it from those who are moving out to another country because of various reasons. However, when it becomes unavoidable it would…

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Cold Weather Moving and Boxes

Moving in Extreme Weather

Local moving in Grande Prairie (learn more) can be difficult in the winter, especially with extreme weather events. Temperatures plummeted to -30 C and below with windchills to -40 C as we saw last week! While the weather has thankfully warmed up since New Years eve, it is good to prepare for the next time….

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Moving Checklist

How To Properly Plan Your Move

When planning a move, it is imperative to make a list. It is easy to forget the details in the chaos of relocating. Alberta Strong Movers has prepared a checklist which should assist you in your planning. 1. Forward your mail-Make sure to forward your mail at the Post office. This service may seem expensive,…

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Grande Prairie Moving Hazards

Potential Hazards of Grande Prairie Moving

Hello to our moving customers, staff, friends and followers! As home services and technology advance, the moving service field has to progress in order to facilitate these new areas. With the challenges involved in potential weather events in the local Alberta climate, great care must be taken with plasma, LED, computer hardware, printers, tablets, refrigeration,…

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How To Move With Dogs

Furbabies And Moving

Pets, and how they are affected by a move is something that is rarely considered during the stressful time. Moving can be an extremely stressful time for anyone, let alone your pets. The constant changes taking place in the home with their favorite toys and blankets just disappearing all of sudden, their favorite spots on…

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How To Properly Pack and Move

How To Properly Pack and Label Your Next Move

Packing and labeling may sound like common terms when moving, but when done incorrectly can make the difference between a good move and bad. Prior to packing, making a plan is the key to any successful move. Planning is an important part of the process and it’s important to take all things into consideration for…

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